Wuhan is safest place in the world now, it has the most detailed and timely data to guarantee

    Wuhan is safest place in the world now, it has the most detailed and timely data to guarantee


    National DISEASE control expert: Wuhan COVID-19 transmission has almost been completely blocked.

    From 0:00 on May 14 to 24:00 on June 1, nearly 9.9 million people in Wuhan received COVID-19 nucleic acid tests and no confirmed cases have been detected, 300 asymptomatic infected persons were detected, and 1,174 close contacts were tracked down.on June 2, Wuhan announced the conclusion of nucleic acid concentration test.The estimated detection rate is 0.303 per 10000.In other words, it’s 3 per 100,000.

    The proportion of asymptomatic infection detected shows that in Wuhan, the number of asymptomatic infection, or nucleic acid positive detection is very rare. So this also means that the transmission of COVID-19 in Wuhan area has been almost completely blocked. This is a very happy and reassuring result.

    Wuhan has completed nucleic acid testing for nearly 10 million people in 19 days.

    Feng Zijian, who is the Experts of liaison group of joint defense and control mechanism of the State Council, deputy director of China Center for Disease Control and Prevention, he said: in 19 days, nearly 10 million people have been tested,It should be very fast.10 million people, to mobilize so many people go to sampling, inspection, testing, to collect the test information, summary analysis, the whole process is very not easy.But Wuhan did.

    How to ensure test accuracy

    Wuhan strengthened the quality management and quality control of the whole testing work. In the whole process, they took 35961 samples from each testing agency for retest, and the retest results are completely consistent with the initial test results, which also shows that the whole testing quality is very reliable.

    The infectivity and transmission ability of asymptomatic patients found in Wuhan during this period were very low.

    Feng Zijian: This shows that the transmission of the virus in the whole Wuhan is actually almost completely blocked. At such a low level of detection rate, we need to examine the situation behind it again. The asymptomatic infected people continues to decline and they do not play a magnifying role in the transmission, which is very important. This means that in Wuhan, asymptomatic infections found in this period are very low in infectivity and transmission. So this can not only reassure the citizens of Wuhan, but also enhance the confidence of all regions of the country . More reassured, Wuhan is safe.

    Raising vigilance, finding out in time and taking effective measures are the core strategies of future normalization prevention and control

    Feng Zijian: in the future, prevention and control, under the current situation, mainly rely on professional institutions such as medical and health institutions, to maintain a high degree of vigilance. It is the most important and core strategy to find out the foreign input, new source of infection, individual cases and early clustering cases in time, and then take effective measures.

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