Guangdong's ETC users breakthrough 18 million and rank first in the country


    Guangdong's ETC users breakthrough 18 million and rank first in the country


    As of December 8, the cumulative issuance of ETC for Cantonese vehicles has reached 18.07 million, ranking first in the country. In order to popularize the knowledge of ETC (Electronic Toll Collection) to the general public, and to answer the questions of ETC application and use process more efficiently for car owners, on December 8th, "ETC is coming to the downtown" outdoor publicity  activity held in the south gate square of Tianhe , Guangzhou City.


    At the event site, some car owners reported that they applied for Yuetongbao on the e-card mini program and found that there was an insurance premium after checking the bill. The owner claimed that he was not involuntary and was bundled with insurance. In response, the relevant person in charge of Yuetongbao Card Customer Service Center said that the insurance product is a highway accident insurance product jointly launched by Yuetongbao and the insurance company. Customers need to check the purchase to participate in the insurance. If the customer needs to cancel the insurance,the insurance product can be cancelled by logging in to the e-bank card applet.


    In response to the fact that a small number of owners reported that ETC had multiple deductions, the relevant person in charge of Yuetong Card Customer Service Center responded that the ETC technology is mature and the system is stable, and the accuracy of the charge is more than 99.99%. The occasional abnormal charge is mainly concentrated on: The path identification is wrong, which leads to abnormal exit charges; the toll station system is abnormal, and the port information is not written in the ETC device; the ETC lane has been deducted, the railings have not been lifted, repeated deductions on the manual lane, and the truck weight error.


    According to reports, from January 1 next year, the expressway toll system will be upgraded again. Expressway ETC toll collection will not be completed at toll stations, but will be completed on the mast. Anomalous problems are expected to be resolved.


    According to the data provided by Guangdong United Electronic Service Co., Ltd .: With the help of ETC electronic toll collection, the average time for vehicles to pass through provincial toll stations is only 1 to 3 seconds; the revocation of ETC electronic toll collection at provincial toll stations can save 1,100 tons of fuel per day. At the same time, it can reduce the emissions of nitrogen oxides by 25,900 tons and carbon monoxide emissions by 30,300 tons every day ...


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