Wenlin Wang Accompanied Friends Of The Smart Card Industry Photography Taking Photos


    Dawu County, known as the "Hometown of Sapium sebiferum tree", currently has about 4.5 million Sapium sebiferum trees, and its planting area, variety, scale and output rank first in the country. It is a "county tree" of Dawu. There are hundreds of thousands of Alder trees in the country that are over 30 years old. The  Sapium sebiferum tree has a beautiful and unique posture and is of great ornamental value. In the spring, the branches are vicissitudes, the greens looks like dripping in summer, the red leaves are brilliant in autumn, and shining in winter after snowing .

    Between 8-10th,November , nearly 10 photography enthusiasts from the country's smart card industry gathered together to get up early, and have a "big meal" for Sapium sebiferum tree, then creating a high enthusiasm for creation.

    It is reported that the general manager Wenlin Wang is the third time to be accompanied Dawu to watch the red leaves . Dawu is not only the hometown of Sapium sebiferum tree, but also an old revolutionary area, and it is also a poverty-stricken county in the country. While taking photos, they remembered the martyrs in Dawu and carried out poverty alleviation activities for local villagers.

    Photograph by Wenlin Wang:

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