Commom Quanlity Problems And Solutions For Pvc Card



    1:Color Deviation

    Since most PVC cards are using panle in printing, dozens of singles are put together on the same PS plate, so it is difficult to take care of each single in the printing and coloring.Sometimes you matching one color, but only to find that the other one color with great deviation. The solution to this problem is to use a special edition printing, that is printing one single only in one PS, so that you can follow this to make sure the color be more accurately.

    Sometimes the color diviation is caused by a huge change of the material, which causes the color of  PVC card different from the usual . For example, if the color of the material is darker or with bad smooth finish, the printed cards will all be darker and blacker than usual ones. This problem can only be solved by replacing the material.

    2. Serious scratches for PVC Card.

    The main reason for this quality problem is in the synthesis process. Since the PVC sheet is pressed with a steel plate during the card synthesis process, then the PVC sheets are brought together by warming and pressing. If the smoothness of the steel plate is not good enough, or if leave a scratch on the surface of the steel plate , it will affect the appearance of the card. The solution is to replace the steel plate that has worn out.

    3.Deformation of PVC Card

    The reason for the deformation of the PVC card is in the punching process, if the punching pressure is too large, it is easy to deform the card. The solution is to reduce the pressure . Another case where deformation is prone to occur is that one side of the PVC card is coated with a synthetic film and the other side is not. Due to the different deformation coefficients of the synthetic film and the PVC, the synthetic film is formed on one side of the card but not on the another side, so the card is easily bent . The solution is to add a synthetic film on both sides or none of the card.

    4.Delamination of PVC Card

    The reason for the delamination is that the synthesis time is not enough, the melting point of the PVC sheet is not reached, or the synthesis time is not enough, so that the two PVC sheets cannot be completely bonded. The solution is to increase the synthesis temperature or extend the time of the synthesis process.


    5.Rough edges of The PVC card.

    The reason for this problem must be that the die of the die-cut card is too worn or has a gap. The solution is to repair or replace the mold.  

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