Ancillary Equipments

    • WENLIN-DK5000 hole drilling machine

      Brand:WENLINSpecifications:The diameter of the punching hole does not exceed 10MM (depending on the thickness of the card)Application range:It is mainly used for punching various work cards such as work permits, student IDs, and attendance IDs.

    • WENLIN-DH-3 Spot Welder

      WENLIN-DH-3 Spot welder adopts the precision guide element and very durable heating elements system,to ensure the working pressure efficiency through using continuously.And it adopts electric heating,welding pressure and welding time is adjustable.Also,it can match the different sizes frame for magenetic strips applicator,you can finish the magnetic strips fixing work very well.

    • WENLIN-6000E Position Hot Stamping Machine

      WENLIN-6000E Position Hot Stamping Machine used for hot stamping anti-fake hologram label, logo, characters and signature panel on plastic card surface. Also can be used for scratch-off label.They are able to stamp hologram label and signature panel for bank credit cards. VISA, Master, JCB, Rupay.PLC control with touch screen, servo drive, automatic feeding, running and collecting cards.

    • WENLIN-1200E Auto Magnetic Strip Laying Machine

      WENLIN-1200E Auto Magnetic Strip Laying Machine will stably weld the rolled magnetic strips upon to the rolled PET, PVC overlays or sheet metal, under heating and forcing. The magnetic strip mat foil will be recycled at the same time. The welded magnetic strip can be also cut into a specified length after welding and welding & cutting will be completed at the same time. The whole process is automatically run and reliable.

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