Lamination Equipments

    • WENLIN-FA2000 ?Smart Laminator

      Model:WENLIN-FA2000double layer smart laminator
      Platen Size :210 *297mm
      Layers: 2~30 layers
      Control Method: Intelligent digital control
      Temperature control? Range 0~150℃
      Pressure Method: Hydraulic?
      Cooling method:water cycle cooling system
      Nominal pressure:2740Kg
      Working pressure:3~4.5 Mpa
      Power supply:220VAC 50HZ
      Machine size:950*40*530 mm
      Packing size:1000*00*550 mm
      Gross weight:300kg
      Output : ≥800 cards per hour

    • Wenlin-FA3000-2A (2020 New generation)

      Brand:WENLINSPECIFICATIONS:210*297mm 2 layersRange: Suitable for making all kinds of personalized card, such as making non-contact IC, ID card, electronic label, inlay production, etc.

    • WENLIN-FA3000-1 Smart Laminator

      WENLIN-FA3000-1 Smart Laminator,Standard joint venture hydraulic system,it can keep pressure effectively without divulging.
      The whole cast iron heating,radiation element,the stainless steel heating tube ensure the good lamination result.
      It is suitable for making contactless IC、ID cards.

    • WENLIN-A4 Water and Air Cooling Laminator

      WENLIN-A4 Water and Air Cooling Laminater is marverlous with a fine-looking apperance,stable performance,simple operation,reliable quality.The temperature is controlled by the digital meter.The laminator adopts water cooling.You can make pressure directly through the handle wheel.High-quality heating and cooling elements make both heating up and cooling down well.

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