Lamination Equipments

    • Full Auto Lamination System WENLIN-Smartlam8500

      Full Auto Lamination System WINLIN-Smartlam8500,Heating tower Auto Feeding System.Auto unloading System.Auto convey system.Full computer control management system and visual operation.

    • Intelligent Full Automatic Laminator Machine WENLIN-Smartlam7500B-8

      Intelligent Full Automatic Laminator Machine WENLIN-Smartlam7500B-8: Fully integrated and automated system.Metal Clad platens to avoid the platens out of shape during heating.Fully automatic material transferring process via shift fork system under servo motor control.

    • New Generation Automatic Laminator WENLIN-FA8100AT

      New Generation Automatic Laminator WENLIN-FA8100AT.This plastic card lamination machine breaks with traditional designs and realizes automatic material transfer instead of manual transfer, achieving safe and high efficiency working.
      ● PLC industrial automation control system & touch-screen display are imported, convenient for operation; With its powerful functions, the software can save several lamination parameters automatically.
      Trouble alarm and record functions make the machine more humanized.

    • New Generation Automatic Laminator WENLIN-FA7500AT

      New Generation Automatic Laminator WENLIN-FA7500AT.The new generation plastic laminating machine achieves much more functions with automatic transfer materials, time and labor saving, safe and standard production , enterprise maximize benefit,etc. This laminator adopts the newest automatic transferring technology, which makes material transferring more easily and safely, also saves worker labor intensity efficiently.

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